How To Get Started
 Beginner Offer !

First 5 hours £110 *


Getting Started

You have to be 17 and hold a provisional licence before you can drive

You can get an application form from the P.O or apply online here It costs £50

You can apply up to 3 months before you turn 17 and your licence will go live on your birthday

 so we can arrange to get you started on that day!

 Gift vouchers available

 Getting through it

Take good quality driving lessons as offered with tomcat driving, combined with studying for and

taking the theory and hazard perception test. You must pass this before you can book a practical test.

If you can, get plenty of private practice.

Take and pass the Practical Test.

Sitting in on lessons

I offer the opportunity for any parent, carer or accompanying driver to sit on any of our lessons at anytime.

          This will enable you to:
          1.  See their progress

          2.  Accompany the learner more effectively by seeing what we do and how we do it
          3.  If you are paying, see how your money is being spent!


I can help and advise you with the theory and hazard perception. I give continual assessments throughout

your learning and near to the practical, there will be adequate mock tests so that you will be prepared for the real thing


* This offer is available to new Beginners who have never previously taken lessons




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