Reviews and Suchlike!


I hope so far you have liked what you've seen and that you might be thinking about having me as your instructor 
But I don't expect you to take my word for it.
 So I've invited some pupils to have their say ...

 'Learning to drive with Terrie was a really rewarding experience! A very friendly instructor, she made me feel relaxed from the start

and used a range of learning techniques to ensure that I developed into a confident and safe driver. I would and have

recommended her to many learners.'    Becky Dale Everett. 


 'My experience of learning to drive with Terrie was really lovely. I was one of the most nervous of learners and she was very reassuring and non judgemental.

Lesson were well structured and she really knows her stuff! She really got me to think about why I should be taking some action or another, which not only enabled me to pass my test with just one minor but has developed me into, I think, a safe driver.

I love driving and as a single mum, being able to drive has had a huge effect on me and my little boy.

I can't recommend Terrie more highly.' Justine. 

 'Terrie's teaching me at the moment and was recommended to me by a couple of my friends at college (infact she's teaching quite a few of us at Bhasvic) and I was glad to have chosen her.

 I haven't always found driving easy and have been glad of the support and patience she's given me.

  She never makes me feel like I've done something wrong. She's also quite funny!

  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good instructor'     Ellie.  

 'Terrie has been my driving instructor for a lttle while now. I have found her to be a professional reliable tutor.

 I feel comfortable with her as we have a good rapport and she is both accommodating and patient.

 Yeah, I would definetly recommend her!'   Joanna Toth.  


  I came across an advert for Tomcat Driving School in my college and I was intrigued by the name and gave Terrie a ring.

 She sounded really friendly and and explained all that I needed to know. I booked a lesson and didn't look back.

  At the beginning of this month I got a first time pass!  Now I'm saving up for my first car.'   Will Singleton.   

 'Previous to Terrie I had had two other instuctors. One nearly put me off driving because he shouted at me for stalling his car and the other 

was unreliable. A mate of mine gave me Terrie's number and I passed last wednesday with 4 minors on my second attempt. I think she's 

brilliant!'    Josh.    

Learning with Terrie as a driving instructor was both relaxing and fun but also fast progressing and great value for money. I have 

recommended her to one of my friends who is now well on her way to taking her test. A great experience!  Katie Dale Everett.  


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