A little bit about the Theory test and Practical test..

 To become a qualified driver you need to pass the Theory test and the Practical test.

Theory Test
To be a safe and confident driver you have to have to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Highway Code,
a government publication which sets out the rules of the road. The theory test is a test of your knowledge of this.
You must pass your Theory before you can book a Practical car test. The theory test centre in Brighton is in Queens Road.
The test is conducted through the use of a computer.
There are two parts to the test:
1.  Multiple choice questions. There are 50 questions and you have to get at least 43 right to pass.
You are given about 57 minutes to complete this section.
                                    2.  Hazard perception test. This is designed to see how well you spot and anticipate developing hazards.
 You are shown 14 clips of video that contains a developing hazard. The sooner you spot and respond to it by clicking the mouse, the more points you score. Click as it starts and you get the maximum of 5 points, decreasing to zero points if you respond too late.
The pass mark is 44 out of 70. This part takes about 27 minutes.
You have to pass both the multi-choice and the hazard to pass. There is no limit as to how many tests you take. You must pass the Theory test before you can book and take the practical test.
There are many publications on the market that will help you study for the theory. I can help and advise you on this.

Practical Test

After having quality tuition and plenty of practice, your instructor will advise you on when to book your Practical test.
You have a choice as to where you take your Practical. There is now no Test Centre in either Brighton or Hove.
Our nearest is Burgess Hill. Test Centres nearby include Eastbourne and Worthing.
The test lasts around 40 minutes and is usually conducted in the car that you've learnt in but you may take your own or the one that you've been practising in as long as it's mot'D, roadworthy and you are insured to drive it.You may if you wish have your instructor in the car during the test. It includes two Show Me/tell Me questions, one reverse manoeuvre and about 10 minutes of Independent Drive, where you are either asked to follow signs or a set of directions to reach a destination.
Marking is divided into Driver Faults(minor), Serious faults and Dangerous Faults.
15 or less Driver Faults is a pass. You will fail if you have either a Serious or a Dangerous.
The current cost is £62 for a weekday test and £75 for a weekend.

  After passing the Practical you are able drive unaccompanied and without L plates
For more info on the theory and practical 

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